When Jem left!

June 3, 2014 at 11:10 am (Uncategorized)

Spoilers for The Mortal Instrument


When Jem left, Will suffered and Tessa suffered. And they were the only ones who understood this suffering. Because Jem was to them what they were to each other. Others saw them and felt sad, and pity and sympathy, but no one understood, not really. It was Will who lost half of himself and it was Tessa who lost her love and who had seen Will and Jem for what they truly were to each other. After Jem left, whenever Will was sad, Tessa understood because she was sad too.

And when Will left, Tessa was alone, but Jem came back. Because even though he was a silent brother, he never truly left. That was how much the three meant to each other. Even being a silent brother couldn’t keep him apart. And when he came back, Tessa would remember Will with him just as she remembered Jem with Will.

But when Jem left too, that was when she was truly alone. People saw her and said they understood, but it was Tessa only who remained of the people who had seen them and you had to have seen them to truly know what they were. So, after Jem left for the second time, that’s when the world was left with no charm.

There were never 2 brothers like Jem and Will and never will there ever be again!


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