Are AAP candidates really what we need in this elections?

April 25, 2014 at 8:50 am (Uncategorized)

Recently I came across this question on quora – How competent are the AAP candidates being fielded for this lok sabha elections?  It got me thinking about what I can really expect from these candidates.

Most of the candidates of aam aadmi party are just that, aam aadmi, common man. There are lawyers, doctors, social activists, teachers. Common people who made a name in their field, but they are common people. What i mean to say is that they are not politicians.

Now, i know we hear politician and we think of a corrupt, proud, selfish person. But that is not all, is it? A politician is also a planner, a negotiator, a leader. They have to be the ones who know how to get what they want, no matter the means. They know the importance of bribe, the weaknesses of their colleagues, the usefulness of cameras, the advantage of innocence. Politics is dirty. But it’s not because of corruption, it’s because there is no place for idealism in politics. It’s a chess with more than a hundred players. It’s not for the weak, or the good, or even the intelligent; it’s for the experienced, for the devious, for the cunning.

I am not favoring corruption. I thought AAP would be good in Delhi. They betrayed me, that’s another thing. i still think AAP might do good in Delhi if they come again. But Centre is another thing. It’s not a state they’ll be representing but the country. Our country. They’ll be dealing with a hell of a lot of issues, from international politics to environment, from falling rupee to internal security, from safety of women to health issues, and corruption.

Are we really ready to hand over our country to people with no experience in times like now?

DISCLAIMER: This work, like my evry other work, is purely fiction. It is not related to any institution, person, place, animal, thing, orc, nazgul, dalek, shadow hunter, elf, dwarf, witch, wizard, dragon, hobbit, jedi, ghost, corpse or anyone else and is not intended to hurt them, downgrade them, copy from them, discredit them, steal from them or anything else u can think of. Please do not sue me or hurt me or murder me. I have no money and am a humble student. If u r angry, comment below and i’ll see what i can do about it. Thanks.


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