Tears: weapon or weakness

February 28, 2014 at 3:28 pm (Uncategorized)

This is going to be a sad post. You have been warned.

Sometimes, l wonders how far I have came. From being the kid who used to cry just because it was a very strong bargaining chip, almost guaranteed to get her what she wants; to being the girl who hides in the bathroom and cries, because she knows that if her parents hear it, it will only end worse for her; to the girl who cries because she knows that they purge her of her anger and hurt leaving a hollowness, a hole, behind, which she tries to fill with calm, if not happiness, and hopes that one day she will succeed.

I read somewhere a question, when do you know that you are a grown up. There were many answers, but i wonder nobody mentioned tears. I think you are a grown up when you realise that its only yourself that you can change, when you can pull a perfectly natural fake smile, when you wait for the day to end just so you can curl up in your bed and cry into your pillow, when you realise that tears are a weakness and not a strength.

DISCLAIMER: This work, like my evry other work, is purely fiction. It is not related to any institution, person, place, animal, thing, orc, nazgul, dalek, shadow hunter, elf, dwarf, witch, wizard, dragon, hobbit, jedi, ghost, corpse or anyone else and is not intended to hurt them, downgrade them, copy from them, discredit them, steal from them or anything else u can think of. Please do not sue me or hurt me or murder me. I have no money and am a humble student. If u r angry, comment below and i’ll see what i can do about it. Thanks.


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