Infernal devices: The clockwork angel – A fan’s ramblings

February 5, 2014 at 10:35 am (Uncategorized)



This is a story of a girl, Theresa Gray, who finds herself plucked out of her normal American life and into the world of London downworlders (downworlder is a name given to every kind of supernatural creature in this world and beyond).

Tessa’s story begins with misfortunes, from loosing her aunt to finding herself kidnapped and her brother in the clutches of her kidnappers, the dark sisters. Although as the story improves, her fortune definitely improves.

From the dark sisters she finds out that she herself is a downworlder and a special one at that. And her ability, her nature, her parentage and her uniqueness is a mystery that keeps you curious and the subtle hints about it strewn across the novel keeps you hanging. But this is not what keeps you up at night wanting that just-one-more-chapter long after you should have gone to sleep, it is the budding friendship, leading to an inevitable love triangle, between Tessa and the two heroes of the story – Will and Jem.

Will (with his black hair and wild blue eyes and his passion and intensity and aggressiveness and recklessness) is the exact opposite of Jem – sweet, kind, understanding, stable, loving, sensitive, careful Jem. And Will and Jem are as close as brothers and you don’t want either of their hearts broken.

Its a story of love and loss, of making a family with strangers when all in your family are strangers, of good and bad, of downworlders and machines. Its a story set in a fantasy world that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Its a story that moves at a fast pace uncovering a finely woven plot leading to the destruction of shadowhunters even as they all race to prevent it.




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