Great win for AAP

December 9, 2013 at 7:38 am (Uncategorized)

I have fallen in love with delhi all over again. The huge win for AAP is proof that Delhi has a conscience and knows how to choose. The 70+ turnout at the time of voting, the long lines of people waiting to cast their votes, the fact that voting lasted till 9:00 in the evening, all just supports the fact that when Delhites got an option which is actually worth it, they don’t shy from coming out and voting.
When the choice was between a corrupt party and an even more corrupt party, youngsters were not even bothered to  vote, but when we got a choice, we proved that we are not blind, nor are we pushovers. We can make a stand and we know the basic difference between right and wrong.
I was proud to vote, my first time. But i am even more proud to see the results. I just hope, then when it comes to proving majority in house for BJP, that AAP absents itself from house. This will let them make a point that they know how difficult and cistlt reelections will be and that they can make effective changes just by being in the opposition. Its a golden opportunity for them, stay in the opposition and prove that u r still the best. 

DISCLAIMER: This work, like my evry other work, is purely fiction. It is not related to any person, place, animal, thing, orc, nazgul, dalek, shadow hunter, elf, dwarf, witch, wizard, dragon, hobbit, jedi or anyone else and is not intended to hurt them, downgrade them, or anything else u can think of. Please do not sue me. I have no money and am a humble student. If u r angry, comment below. Thanks.


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